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Classical music is the oldest form of music and it forms the basis for many other forms of music. The person who has mastered this art is considered to have gained the approbation of the goddess of knowledge or "SARASWATI". Here is a small piece of writing about one of the forms of cl...
As I was listening to some Classical music on my computer, I was overcome with the desire to learn more about this type of music. So this is a brief description of Classical music and a link to the music I listened to while I worked on my computer.
Selections to remember for recitals for kids and adults of all ages. Enjoy a wide variety of classics to perform during the holidays and at church folks will adore.
The entry of the "ber" months signal the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines. As early as September, Philippine radio stations play a song or two about Christmas, even hotels and malls all over the country play an entire Yuletide album as part of their daily piped-in musi...
The album that I would heartily recommend to everybody- Paul McCartney's Kisses on the Bottom. Even the name has such a cute ring to it, it makes you smile right-away!
Classical Music is an age old sound that has a very unique rhythm to it that has a lot of historical significance.
This is a review of an excellent DVD by name 'Tapasya' by Pandit Jasraj, a well known Indian Classical Vocalist. The "mantra" recited in this DVD to please the God by the Tapasvi Pandit Jasraj makes this DVD, the perfect 'Tapasya' by him to please the Almighty.
Here I have a list of popular singles songs which have been an all time hit always and an all time favorite for everyone. Check it out. It may have your favorite song too.
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