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This is a review of two of Walter Dean Mayers' books, Fallen Angels and Sunrise Over Fallujah.
Social Exchange Theory is a theory that is based on the exchange of rewards or positive rewards and cost for measuring the value of the result / earnings on the different situation for each individual
I recently read this book about a woman who stands up to bullying council employees who try to stop her from earning a living. Read on to find out what I thought of it.
Panchatantra stories are one of the most ancient fables for children that help to teach moral lessons to them through stories portrayed by animal and human characters.
A review of the authorised biography of John Colin Campbell Jordan (1923-2009).
The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine is a collection of the hottest erotic stories and poems from popular writers in the genre.
Good books can change lives. This book is such a good book. Whether it changes your life though will depend on whether you see the rather simple stories, and tales here, as just interesting reading, or on whether you can see that they all contain some type of an inner truth buried w...
“Where the Picnic Was” is a poem written by Thomas Hardy in 1913. It was a late addition to a set of poems written after the death of his first wife, Emma.
Where we left off The family had finished their Christmas dinner and setting up Carissa's new monopoly game. The door bell rang and it was Mr. Martin all the way from Sydney with Jean's Christmas presents. Katie-Ann is in a foul mood and finds fault with the presents Jean had given...
Joseph davey Cunningham is highly regardedasa great historian who recreated an unforgettable era in the Punjab in the mid 19th century
Bapsi Sidhwa a Pakistani writer has recreated a lovely story of Pakistan and the shattering of a young girls dreams.
Author Jon Ronson explores alternative intelligence and warfare tactics in the post-Iraq war world.
This is a review on the children's book Help for Rosie. The book is about two puppies trying to figure out how to get one out from getting shots from the vet.
On this page will contain a variety of book reviews that I read and reviewed myself. If you are like me then you need that great, at the end of your seat book to read. I love books that are a page turner and keeps me hooked. So, I thought this would be a great page to start with.
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