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Is it 2015 already in action films? It is quite possible, and this is because of the enormous technical areas that was introduced in the world of cinema, and will not forget the amazing films that we were able to watch them in this year's group, therefore we will talk now about the be...
My take on this movie, which begins intriguingly and promises more to come.
Spectre, a much touted Bond film resurrecting a tattered hero from the otherwise better Skywalk was released amidst fanfare and blitzkrieg advertisements on the TV. The first weekend, at a Kolkata theatre saw a less than full capacity. The author shares his feelings about the movie.
What happens when a common conman on a routine mission stumbles on something that could have disastrous and far reaching consequences if it reaches the hands of a much more sinister criminal group, and an undercover police officer is also on the hunt. Well, Daud is a movie with such s...
I like a gritty, go-for-it-without-thinking pulp movie full of brutal violence and splattering blood. But this was a bit too simplistic.
"Kingsman: The secret service" is a must see movie.Magistrale movie !
Ants are generally considered lowly insects, but with advances in technology they can be converted into superheroes.
A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
This is my four star review of the most recent installment in the venerable Mad Max series, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. You can also find me on
A review of the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The review goes into the flaws of the movie, and discusses why the film is uninteresting. Also includes a brief summary of the plot.
Lots of blood in a gray landscape and someone broke the slow-motion button at the same time ...
Teenage movie with lot of jumping and a predictable ending ... Not my cup of tea !
Are you expecting a good movie after seeing who's playing the main roles, then I'll warn you already now : This is a woefully bad movie.
Action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action,action ... and yes .... yet another bit of action ......
Cage joins the group of extinguished acting heroes like Willis, Slater and Cussack. A bland, boring and long-winded story. What a boring movie ! Only 3 stars and that for the princess, the prince and the scenery sometimes.
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