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I recently read this book about a woman who stands up to bullying council employees who try to stop her from earning a living. Read on to find out what I thought of it.
Thomas Hardy is known as the author of a series of lengthy novels, which are not always an easy read. However, he also wrote a considerable number of short stories which modern readers might find more approachable. Here is an account of a particularly brief short story.
“Mount Everest” is a steep climb. The higher you go, the louder the wind howl drowning the sound of the city - A review of the acclaimed novel “Valley of the Dolls” by Jacqueline Susann.
This is the last interview about my book. I will be publishing my book, "Angels Watching Over Me" within the next couple of days
This story is very personal for me. It is about a beautiful child who left this world way too soon. She was the reason I wrote my book, "Angels Watching Over Me."
I have provided some interviews and reviews of my book, }Angels Watching Over Me"
This the review of my book "Angels Watching Over me by a professional reviewer, Shirley Johnson Senior Reviewer MidWestBook Review
In a short while I will be publishing my book here on Wikinut. I will start by publishing the reviews. I own copyright on all the reviews.
Having discovered that Carmen is not her real mother, Destiny sets out to find the surrogate, and the egg donor who were responsible for her birth. It is a journey fraught with lifestyle changes and danger.
Ageing is stressful and a suicide that haunts the person assisting with the suicide. Something they didn't keep in mind there is always someone checking up one people. This persons pops in to find out how the old dude was doing, the lies that were told to hide the fact his dead. Mm...
More about my love of books and how my mother loved books before me. The story of my great aunt and how she related to me one day.
My love of the written word and how much I enjoy a good book. How I read and what I read and why.
This book is the characterization of a young man who is more of a wild animal than he is a human boy. His behavior is bizarre and unlike anyone you will probably ever meet.
The story of one of my top non-science fiction favorite books.
Books are arguably Man's greatest invention and to this day, there are thousands of books to choose from. This article will give you an insight on what I believe are the best books ever!
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