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Are there too many female fronted symphonic rock and metal bands? Probably, but SAVN stand out from the crowd.
Stiff Little Fingers have been without a new album for more than six years, but now they're back to prove that punk is relevant with a set of outstanding songs and immense lyrical content.
Power metal par excellence from Finnish act Sonata Arctica as they returned to form with their latest album Pariah's Child.
Leaves Eyes singer Liv Kristin has fronted the band as they have emerged to a real powerhouse. Here she tells about the recording of the 2013 Symphonies of the Night and how she has been influenced by Shakespeare...
He may have been seen playing guitar with Madonna, but Monte Pittman has a metal heart as shown on his album The Power Of Three.
Jizzy Pearl's last dance under the Love/Hate monicker, and despite a bust-up with other founder members it's quite an album
With their third album Chrome Division have unleashed a stunning rock and metal release
Canadian thrash metal act have re-released their album Feast in a bonus package, but is it worth it? Of course it is!
The Quireboys may be facing their '30th' birthday this year, but they are still one of the most entertaining live bands; a fact reinforced by their Northern Ireland date with Ajenda
A Cappella Metal from German sextet Van Canto on Dawn of the Brave
After releasing three eps, Northern Ireland's Baleful Creed pull together 10-tracks from these eps to produce a coherent album
In this article I dissect the lyrics to the greatly written song, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica, portraying the thoughts of a patient in a psychiatric hospital.
Metallica is loved and hated. They have made good music, so people ask 'what's with the hate?' Here I'll explain why.
Black Sabbath released Paranoid shortly after their very first self titled album debut. I will be reviewing the album in it's entirety, going through each separate track to find out exactly why this is marked as one of Black Sabbath's greatest works.
Can the mighty Swedes Grand Magus top their last release The Hunt?
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