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After battling cancer can Nergal and Behemoth manage to pull another super album out of the bag?
Canada's Kataklysm produce a pounding album in Waiting For The End To Come
From Nordland, Iskald deliver an epic album about their homeland
Stormzone and Maverick are two bands who deliver hard rock and heavy metal the right way - with power and passion
From Mama's Boys to the present day Pat MacManus has shown his songwriting prowess, but he is also an explosive guitar player, as explained in this review of his gig
With The Dream Calls For Blood Death Angel show they have more than a thing or two to show contemporary metal acts
From the ashes of Thin Lizzy, the Black Star Riders have emerged triumphant as they concluded their UK tour with supergroup Dead Daisies and Western Sand delivering all they were worth
2013 has seen a massive number of gigs from Belfast promoter the Distortion Project, so what better way to round off the year with some thrash metal and deep groove...
Black Sabbath are a collection of 60+ year-olds - can they still cut it as the originators of the heavy metal genre?
Million Dollar Reload, one of Northern Ireland's finest hard rockers, are about to release their live album, As Real As It Gets, and in this interview singer Phil Conalane
The man behind recent production success on The Answer and Virginmarys albums returns to basics with this acoustic six-tracker
Trucker DIablo have had a phenomenal year, their second album has sold around the world, they've toured in France and have gained rave reviews.They rounded it all up with their last gig of 2013 at Belfast's Pavillion Bar.
Queens of the the Stone Age hit Belfast as part their ...Like Clockwork tour, with a massive production and heavy hitting music
Black metal, much derided by some, and riven by internal one-up-man-ship came barreling into Belfast as Chtonic and Satyricon proved that there is more than one-trick in the black metal oeuvre...
Saxon release an album of re-imagined tracks in their latest offering Unplugged and Strung Up, but can it live up to expectations from the troubadors of classic heavy metal?
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