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Equations of a Being: A being who gathered Moss is a collection of thought pieces pertaining to existential spectrum.
A review of a short book that is a joy to read, and which was made into a highly successful stage play and film.
At the end of the sessions with Dr. Marlowe the girls decide to get together and talk about one last secret, one that they had not even told the good doctor about. This is the story of how they fix the problem of one of the girls.
Here you learn about Cat, the last of our wildflowers victims whose adoptive parents are really weird. You will meet her mother and father and you will like neither of them. This story will bring you to tears. Watch the feelings of each and every one of the girls and how Cat's story g...
This book is the 3rd book in the 5 part series about the Wildflowers, it is also one of the books which introduces and explains why one of these young girls is going through the problems that include the divorce of their parents. This one is about Jade.
This is book 2 of the Wildflowers series by V.C Andrews. The book is a look at the life of Star, it includes the divorce of her father and her mother leaving her and her brother to live with her grandmother. The book gives you a look at how this young woman sees her family and how oth...
This is the first book in a series called the Wildflowers series by V.C. Andrews and it discusses a young woman named Misty's look at her mother and fathers divorce and how she feels about the relationship she had with them after it. Dr. Marlowe brings together 4 young women who must ...
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