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It is the promotion of my book that I have published as an ebook on Amazon.
This is a review about a science fiction and about an alien DNA combine with human DNA for the second time.
Author Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., takes readers on a cross-continental journey through time to study the little people of the past and today, both myth and reality.
If you love post-apocalyptic, church-centric and quest-for-knowledge-type stories, you’ll love Walter M. Miller Jr.’s “A Canticle for Leibowitz.”
I just could not put this book down, a real page turner! Both Shane and Hardy are good detectives, one is retired and the other is still working. KiKi is a Dr. and is busy working on a drug to cure Alzheimer’s. She has high ethical standards and discovers some discrepancies in th...
The young child Octavian whom changes his name to Ranulf becomes Supreme Pontiff of the Empire of Rome at Alexandria in the mid 2600’s. The Librarians who teach and tutor him, after twenty some years on the throne Ranulf starts to think back on his life. He reminisced about his mo...
The telling of David Zane an immortal magician whom is made known and is contacted by the police to come and give some insight on a number of murders which they are baffled by. Life starts to heat up a little when he is exposed to the community and of course the underworld hears of i...
Rusty is a young chap who wants to serve in the Third Rifles, a change of events changes his destiny into what he never thought or dreamed about. He saves the life of their Queen and meet up with giant lizards. A page turner, a must read.
This is a book review on the book Serpent and Storm written by Meralla Sands.
The story is about the abduction of a beautiful Princess in Altria a fairy-tale country. Because the abductor is seen as a villain the palace decides on recruiting the services of a detective in the City – William Tenys.
A trip to Mars reveals a prophecy that could result in the destruction of the Earth.
When the Lone Power launches an all-out offensive against the universe, the young wizards of the universe are called upon to strike back
When you break the rules, you must pay the price. That's the lesson Dairine learns in "Wizard's Holiday," the seventh book in the Young Wizard's Series by Diane Duane.
The sixth book in the Young Wizard Series by Diane Duane, "A Wizard Alone," takes a look inside the mind of a child with autism.
The fifth book in the Young Wizards Series by Diane Duane, "A Wizard's Dilemma," is probably the most emotionally powerful book in the series.
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