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Popular chat application WhatsApp full of hidden features. However, many users are not aware of it. Especially if you are a new user applications. WhatsApp Here are 11 hidden features that can enrich your conversation with the speaker via text.
The higher the number in the title - the newer and cooler mobile. That is, iPhone 12 priori to be more advanced than the iPhone 10. But sometimes there are exceptions, where old models are better than the next generation of smartphones. Versed in special cases the smartphone evolution...
Nokia E1 is expected to change the game of Nokia. Here we are sharing some details about Nokia E1, its specifications and features.
vShare the best app store for Android where download premiums apps for free. In this post you will read reviews and features of the is best apps.
The Microsoft Lumia 550 features a 4.7-inch LCD display, with resolution of HD 720 x 1280. The Snapdragon 210 chipset is under the hood, carrying a quad-core 1.1GHz CPU. 1GB of RAM is inside, along with 8GB of expandable internal storage. A 5 MP camera is found on back, and a 2 MP fro...
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual smartphone comes with a 5.50-inch touchsceen display with a resolution of 2160 pixels by 3840 pixels at a PPI of 806 pixels per inch.
This piece is a review of an older model of cellphone; the virgin mobile arc. Virgin mobile had a good standing among cell phones in the past.
A solution about how to transfer data from old phone to new iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus.
Nowadays, phone data, like contacts, messages and photos, are even more important than cellphone itself for people. Since our phones are filled with thousands of big size pictures, how to move these pictures to a new phone becomes a hard work.
phonesex is of privacy in sexual life. there are some advantages in from the phonesex, ranging from sexual satisfaction to be able to find a partner in terms of sexual activity in your life. also psychologically you get a better experience than a physical sexual pleasure.
So I got a new iPhone 6, and here is my personal review of the phone. Overall it's a great phone especially it got a bigger screen size than the iPhone 5 but there is some bad things about this phone, which one is the battery life time.
An user review on the phone, Sony Xperia Z3 about it's pros and cons.
Does lightning specs and comes with Android and Windows 10! You can make this phone top.
Android Call Recorder is a wonderful selection. When you happen to be in need of recording calls, there is absolutely no better option when compared with this specific mobile app. Every single consumer regarding Android OS and Nokia need to check the actual popular features of this sp...
With advancements of the smartphones a person can do a lot of things with them. I will try to show all of the different things that you are able to do with them besides talking to people and surfing the internet.
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