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A family is getting jolted by strange day to day incidents. Are these the work of some paranormal forces? Or something else is at play? You need to watch this movie to find out.
The beginning was interesting and intriguing. Turns out it's a pilot ... Damn
So at girlfriend’s insistence… and there’s a track to Agatha Christie and THE GODFATHER, PART II… so we’re up all night at Bletchley and whatever clasp exists between these four women is acquired – brilliant editing – then it’s 10:00 a.m. in ’52 and a curdling is ava...
Don't let the movie poster mislead you, cause it turns out to be something completely different.A movie that is worth a look. And that because of the beautiful scenery (and I'm not talking about Alexia Fast) and the haunting music.
A brilliant psychological thriller where nothing seems like it should be. Brilliant, fantastic, confusing and masterfully ... A must see ....
A frightened look, brilliant piano playing and practically no suspense... That describes just about "Grand Piano"
I love a well-prepared mind twister, but in this movie I was like, "Yeah guys tell me the denouement so I finally know how it fits together." And this already fairly early in the movie. Too bad, if you look at the acting performance of Gyllenhaal.
By this film review for South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk's mystery/drama feature Shi Gan(2006), I am analyzing the thesis of resorting anti-aging methods to look and to live younger, in norms of human psychology.
For the Sherlock Holmes purest, the new BBC series "Sherlock" may have been hard to fathom at first glance; however, as a purist myself, this is the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and his man Watson to date, in my humble opinion.
Brief review of the Christopher Nolan Pre-Dark Knight film, "Memento".
With Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson, this incarnation of the well-loved Sherlock Holmes is set in Modern London while staying true to the character and personality of the fictional detective.
This is an incredible TV show I recently watched. Should you watch this?
You can now watch Harry Potter and the Deathly hollows part 2 in online streaming for free, released these July 14,2011.
This is my review of the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC
Many new movie have been made in the recent year such as 'The Dark Knight', 'Transformers 2', 'Iron Man 2', 'Slumdog Millionaire' etc. One of the movies that I have described here is a real looker. It goes by the name 'Sherlock Holmes'. If you haven't seen the movie yet, here written ...
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