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The films you will see listed in this article is my own top five of films with unexpected endings. Usually I like good films but I do adore great ones. Especially the ones you will never forget.
At times, one cannot be sure what that friendly encounter with seemingly good intentioned strangers can turn out to be, and what it can lead to. Ajnabee is one such movie, which explores such a situation.
Throw in Big Hollywood stars, directors, a top espionage team which has been disowned and has to redeem itself without any support, and maniac terror mastermind, and great fireworks and action is what you expect- well this is what MI4: The Ghost protocol is all about!
A dark,schizo thriller with DeNiro having a bad hair day and Cusack looking around uninterested the whole time. A mediocre thriller.
A humorous mystery crime that results in a violent slasher story. It's nowhere really exciting, but nevertheless it was an amusing flick.
A simple story with some non-exciting acting and an uninspired denouement. Seen it and forgot about it before I knew it ...
One film that is quite popular on DVD is Daniel Radcliffe's movie, 'Horns' so I decided to check it out for myself and let people know what I thought of it, trivia I found interesting, and why I would hesitate to allow anyone under 18 to see it.
I was pleasantly surprised about this unknown flick. Bloody, vicious and sometimes straightforward explicitly violent.
n old fashioned Edgar Allen Poe story situated in an asylum. Don't expect a masterpiece. Only some brilliant performances in a macabre environment with
A gloomy, exciting beginning that evolves into a haunting thriller .... but what a ridiculous ending it has ....
Dark,slow and mediocre .... A thriller about a serial killer in ice cold Canada.
Recalling a classic action movie which I like very much, and is considered as a great all time action movie also.
"Cold in July" is a mixture of different genres. A fantastic experience and a must see for all fans of a rich suspenseful thriller.
A beautiful romantic beginning that gradually went over into a vague mysterious thriller.
There was a great atmosphere created in the beginning, but the ending was a bit disappointing.
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