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A nanny is called to tend to a seven year old boy who is but a doll. She begins to be haunted after ignoring her strict responsibilities towards it.
What do we want to see and what do we want to feel watching horror movies
An author moves into a mansion he inherits from his deceased aunt. Soon, his missing son and paranormal activity within the house begin to haunt him.
A young woman named Lucie is haunted by a horrible experience in which she was kept chained and abused in an abandoned house as a child . She escapes to an orphanage , where she befriends a young girl named Anna, who many years later helps her locate and avenge their abusers. But reve...
A well-known ghost story. Nothing new or creepy at all.
This is my review of the movie, The Visit. It doesn't give away any type of spoilers, but gives my overall thoughts of it.
An original approach to the vampire topic, but lousy acting and a slow pace prevented is from becoming a worthwhile horror.
An atypical zombie movie where the emphasis is more on the psychological state of mind of survivors than on the destructive nature of mutated creatures.
Read on to understand more about the curse of the film. Draw your own conclusions about believing or not this curse. The film was a big hit and fascinates for its history of terror.
After "The Babadook" and "Spring" this ends up in my top-horror list. Eerie, gory and a self-willed movie. A must see ....
Ambrose McKinley, a cantankerous blind vet, moves into a retirement community only to learn the residents there have been dying, not from old age, but from dog attacks. Exquisite acting, lousy werewolf ...
Although this topic is widely used, Chris Sparling manages nevertheless to turn it into an original movie.
I have enjoyed myself while watching it, but I'll still go to a circus without any worries or fear. And I'm surely not going to run away in a panic when the clown act begins.
I'm not easily stunned or flabbergasted by a movie. But this one did. A subtle mixture of romance,SF and horror with a blast of an ending ... Highly recommended, even for non-horror fans
A low-budget movie. Schizofrenic and downright bloody. The initial idea sounded great, but the finishing touch was poorly done at some points.
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