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For most of my life I have been taking the bus to take me and my wife places, like doctor appointments, going shopping, to church, and other places. By taking the bus has its advantages and disadvantages like driving a car has. These routes are some of my favorite routes that I enjoy ...
Travelling in buses in office time and return journey is a hazard nowadays. There are different types of buses introduced in the city to ferry the passengers from one point to another point and are spread over all over the routes of the city...
There is never a prouder moment than when we import eight-year-old cars from Japan that are alleged to have run 'only' 30,000km and christen them 'brand new'
From 1st April onwards the Dream Team Sahara (city bus operator) is introducing smart card facility to the commuters who are traveling in city buses. The commuters can swipe the card without any exchange of small coins
What can be done to make public buses in Singapore more user-friendly for the elderly, people with disabilities and children.
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