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Debut album from Northern Ireland band Ajenda sees them unveil a subtle rock approach
A review of one of the most popular rock songs of all time, Rock You like A Hurricane by German hard rock giants, Scorpions.
Review of Grace Potter and the Nocturnal The Lion the Beast
A Track-By-Track of All Time Low's newest album, "Don't Panic" .
Introducing new rock band, states and empires, made up of members of Attack Attack UK and Evita
I now present to you, the evergreen man....Bryan Guy Adams!
Rock music is still music no matter what form it comes in.
Here is a brief summary of my opinion about the current Van Halen CD, "A Different Kind Of Truth."
This is basically a memoir about the first time that I saw King's X in concert, and how that experience made me a fan for life!
Dokken is an American rock band formed in the late 1970's. They became popular in the early Eighties with a string of successful albums and videos. The following are my opinions about their latest studio album!
My opinions about the latest musical offering by Aerosmith.
A Rocking new local Rockford, IL Band is creating a global scene thanks to the internet!
Peter Green was one of the guitar giants of the blues and rock scene in England in the 1960s that produced Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. He also founded Fleetwood Mac in the 1960s. Green's career was cut short because of serious mental heath issues. This article looks at th...
just talking about my friends band that i record videos for and help promote them.
Tori Amos, accomplished musician and songwriter, has a large number of platinum albums under her belt and an extremely loyal fan base. She also has a large number of singles, B-sides, bootlegs, etc.
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