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Gethu Cinema is all you have to look out for to know what's hot in Kollywood. We know your language preferences and we do remember the same for we are available in both Tamil and English. Gethu Cinema is the first bilingual website to cover exclusive Tamil Cinema News in both Tamil an...
The best tower speakers deliver dynamic, full-range sound with gorgeous bass. They can stand on their own or represent the centerpiece of a home theater. Also, they can reduce the need for a standalone subwoofer. We have put a list of the 10 top performing towers together, that are pr...
In April 2011, the public protested when a convicted of manslaughter was asked to preform in Montreal's Theatre du noveau monde.
The Laramie Project is a wonderful thought provoking play about a young man who was murdered because he was gay.
Here I do a review of one of Melbourne's best live comedy venues the comics lounge. Read on to find out how I rate it in terms of being accessible for those with disabilities.
Movies are one form of entertainment that people enjoy.
Actors tend to be a very superstitious lot. This could have much to do with the narrow line they tread between success and disaster when it comes to giving a performance on stage. A forgotten line, a missed cue, or falling over the furniture, could translate a potential triumph into t...
The play was held in our school and it turns out to be the talk in the campus for almost a whole month already. The story follows the funny life of a nun, Sister Miriam.
A review of a play based on a novel by P G Wodehouse, seen during its run at the Duke of York's Theatre, London
Every day needs enjoyment. The ways by which we get enjoyment are called means of recreation. Recreation is necessary for our growth and health. It’s freshens our mind and body.
Every now and then, our history reminds us that life is an art that must be preserved without fear of monsters.'The Monuments Men' film shouts this reminder with clarity.
Krrish 3, ads are good and the actress good but the story is copy paste from superman. so read to see if the movie is worth your money and time
the wolf makes the movie action, its good name for the story that you are going to read
two singers in love or just trying to guide the press to them, this is alex news.
this is not as good as marketing tells, Dhoom 3 is copy paste from older version.
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