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John Wayne died in 1979. He was grest star, perhaps the greatest in a western cowboy role. He is one of the all time great stars.
This 2014 released film is on a subject not usually discussed when the history of the west is on the table--mental illness.
Disney action with Depp walking around feeding a dead bird on his head ... Should be fun
In this day and age movie Westerns seem to have gone the way of classic television, something of the "days of old." A lot of them were formulaic, too many of them, but some of them were classic especially in the hands of the great directors like Howard Hawks and John Ford, and so I o...
the use of animals, like horses and cattle will end, as the viewer can clearly see, they are peaceful herbivores and feel highly stressed, disturbed and frightened by fights, like explosives, guns and any loud noise.
Tarantino is now almost an entire genre unto himself. He employs a bevy of film making tricks which pay generous homage to exploitation films of the 1960's and 70's. His style is Grind-house, and it's not for all tastes. Even if one laments the repetitive violence of his films, there ...
Thirty-five years separate "Destry Rides Again" and "Blazing Saddles" - two films which are perhaps more alike than one would imagine. Let's do a little comparing and contrasting and see if we can't find some similarities. (And...just for fun, I'll even throw in a Gilda Radner referen...
These two western cowboy films How the west was won and the Good bad and ugly that represent the wild west have carved a niche for themselves in world cinema. They show case the genius of Sergio Leone
Review of the summer blockbuster movie Cowboys & Aliens starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.
A brief review of the HBO Original Series, Deadwood starring Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant.
This movie review will combine commentary about two films as opposed to just one: the original production, as well as its remake. I like to pretend I’m watching a boxing match and both films are vying for the heavyweight championship of my favorite choice.
This summary will discuss the superb efforts of the two main actors Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, respectively.
When push comes to shove there's an ounce of good even in the most self centred, evil of people and that is one of the major elements of the Anthony Mann and James Stewart western "The Far Country".
Movies are the best part-times when you feel bored. Some are movie freaks and would catch up with every movie that has been released recently.
Clint Eastwood teams up with two gunslingers in an attempt to find a stash of gold coins, however trust doesnt come easy to these outlaws and the movie that unfolds is now considered the most influential western ever made. The third film in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy, it is widely...
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