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My list of the best Hip-Hop MC's of all time in my opinion.
This is a review of one of the best street mixtapes of the summer, Da Commission.
Rapper Jay-Z had an exclusive New York concert for Tidal subscribers this past Saturday night.
20 years ago, 2Pac dropped his third masterpiece album, 'Me Against The World', which became an instant hip-hop classic.
Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Tupac Shakur's most emotionally resonant song, "Dear Mama.”
In honor of Valentine's Day, I compiled a playlist of my favorite love-themed rap songs.
Rap Christmas songs are an alternative to traditional Christmas tunes. The young generation seems to love when their favorite rap artists dabbled in Christmas themed raps.
Rarely the occasion is given to sense an opera flavour instilled into a rap song. But when it is, the result feels like glimpses of gold beaming through the ears. In the classic model, the opera tone gives a halo of grandeur to the whole piece. Some producers have taken it to anothe...
New jack swing is a musical sound that fuses the rhythms, samples, and production techniques of hip-hop and dance-pop with the urban contemporary R&B. It was the soundtrack to the urban streets of New York City during the late 1980s to the early 1990s.
I love classic rap music. It has been a vital part of my culture, lifestyle, and collective memory. Great rap songs have the ability to inspire me, make me dance, and feel good. What always stands out in a rap song besides the lyrics is the beat.
A review of an album by Adam WarRock. I am not affiliated with Adam WarRock (Eugene Ahn) in any way, though I am a biased fan.
New York City is not only my birthplace, but also the birthplace of hip-hop. I believe these songs are the best NY anthems in hip-hop.
A review of the Daforce's music and most recent releases
Now this is just my opinion, I know most people have strong opinions, or maybe you are a fan of someone else.
Today marks the 20th anniversary since the release of Thug Life: Volume 1.
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