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Joseph davey Cunningham is highly regardedasa great historian who recreated an unforgettable era in the Punjab in the mid 19th century
This is a review for the historical fiction book The Valcourt Heiress by Catherine Coulter, which happens in the 1100's, which is about a young man and woman falling in love when their is obstacles in their way.
This is a review of The Midwife's Tale which is about a midwife in the 1600's that has to save her friend from a death sentence from a murder hat she might have never committed.
This is a book about a woman who was once a doll maker and an accident happens and she goes on a time of a lifetime. This is a historical fiction book.
Thomas Lowrie is sweating in his garage. His neighbor asks him to throw some things out from her home. He does the good neighborly thing and out of curiosity takes home an old suitcase. What happened next was amazing for me to read.
Have you ever wondered why certain types of historical events seem to recur on a fairly frequent basis? This book explains it in a way that makes sense of the whys and wherefores.
In 1999, Gerard Bodson published a French version of this book which uncovers the 'shocking secrets of The Book of Revelation'. Now, almost 15 years later, the truth is beginning to be revealed in our daily lives.
This is a review of Walter Scott’s work on the times and history of Richard the Lionheart.
Professor Ian Morris has written one of the best books in recent years.
Historical fiction usually focuses on brave, honorable, decent heroes; the Flashman series is a semi-comic chronicle about a coward, reprobate, thug, and bully who fooled the world into thinking he was a hero, too...
The holy grail of archeology Is Alexander the Great tomb.No one find it.
Age of extremes,historical bible of 20's century,and,horrors of our time
The 6th of November - by Pablo Solares Acebal (2014) – Horror / Historical Fiction Novel - 100 pages The 6th of November is a date that the townsfolk of Requejado cannot escape. Set in the 1930's during the Spanish Civil War when the church was under threat and the world felt anothe...
This remarkable tale takes place in the 1800's during the time of slavery and gives a loosely based account of the life of Sarah Grimke a woman who fought for abolition as well as for women's rights.
By the means of a simple, yet powerful language, Cooper let's his readers plunge into the turmoil of the American Revolutionary War.
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