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The BBC has just rubber stamped the innocence of Timothy Evans for the Nth time. People in the know disagree.
Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
Beautiful acting, feeble storyline ... A succession of obvious events and a simple story with no undue risks taken.
A rom-com mixed with crime. A pure popcorn movie with Smith, thank God, not acting as in "After Earth"
This series is based on a major crime solving task force Five O of hawaii and the life's of the members of the force.
It's not a bad movie, but also nothing that special. Just an old-fashioned detective story with a ex-cop who had an alcohol problem. Doesn't that sound familiar ?
This film was made in 1956 but is interesting to view today both as a comparison and as history of the idea of juvenile gangs. It could be a great discussion tool with families.
The Tribeca Film Festival celebrated the 25th anniversary screening of Martin Scorsese's 'GoodFellas' Saturday night.
A disturbing portray ? yep ! But in the end we are all a bit like Lou ...
Some old skool gangsters teach some young punks a lesson the old way. Not bad !
Don't expect much violence in this slow, bottomless anti-mafia movie. A lot of darkness and menace, but ultimately the only thing that remains are the wonderful performances.
I thought it was just an artificial product: a plastic film, as it were ....
In case of Bollywood Movies, at times a single song holds sway over a whole movie, at times, even overwhelming it and making it the greatest connect to the audience. Aitbaar (1985) too had one such song which haunts me (not in a negative way:) ) even today. Do Read On...
Nothing new in the field of crime films. Only the giant mustache Matt Dillon had, demanded a lot of attention
Sunny,desert sand colored mediocre movie ... A star cast couldn't prevent this being a dull movie.
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