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A simple game with complicated looks, but extremely fun.
A guessing song title or singer game. Fun and addictive.
PS3/ Wii/ X360 1 to 3-Player Rhythm/Music (4-Player Online) Activision Developer By Freestyle Games Release: October 19, 2010
PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 1 to 7-Player Rhythm/ Music (7-Player Online) MTV Games/ Electronic Arts By Harmonix » Release October 26, 2010
PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 1 or 2-Player rhythm play Konami By 4mm Games Release October 5, 2010
The best games for parties are the ones where anyone can play because the concept is easy to catch on to. This is why games like Call of Duty are not always going to be the best choice as they are only for hardcore gamers
If you have not heard of Guitar Hero, probably living somewhere in the quarantined cut off from the media, since in recent years, this brand sales climbed in the rankings as high as possible. And it’s good.
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