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As a casual Morpeg (Multi-online role) player, I have played several Morpegs over the last years. I was introduced to Morpegs about 6 years ago by my partner and have been hooked since. Star Wars, The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been my most recent adventure. Bioware have taken Morpe...
A life changing game in a world parallel to our yet so alike. Prepare yourself as you journey across the world and experience what you thought never possible. Parallel Kingdom - Age of Thrones. ARTICLE NOT UP-TO-DATE Refer to for more recent news and updates
Florence Jackson from Bristal, she is 9 years old ,her design of 50 penny coin for 2012 Olympics was accepted by the Govt
My review of FF13 by a man who has played them all even the off beat ones.
A review of the role-playing game classic title, Suikoden, made available at the Playstation Network.
Capcom's Devil May Cry, repackaged on it's fourth installment.
Are games getting shorter? Or are we just expecting more and more from our games as the price for one steadily climbs?
This article will look into every little piece of the games and find out which is the best.
A review of role-playing games, from a woman's perspective.
Read about the amazing game that is Chrono Trigger one of the best game of the Super Nintendo Entertainement System.
A little review of Bioware's Mass Effect 2. Just my initial thoughts and what grabbed my attention...
Sand of destruction game vs anime My thoughts after playing sand of destruction nds rpg game.
This is, to put simply, a general overview of the beautiful game of Chrono Cross. Well, a description, really.
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