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I always say when you are stuck for something to write, just write, so many times I have sat at the laptop and started typing out what I was thinking at that very moment, and before I knew it, I had a story
As the Christmas season had come and went with the merry-making atmosphere building up.It was indeed a very dramatic moment for many the world over.
Cody Simpson The attraction was no doubt anymore. Many fans are so hysterical while watching his performance in the event SoundsFair 2014.
Great album,from great artist,you can say,album of the year.
One of the underrated album from jazz genius.But,on this album,he is still Miles Davis.
Talk about jazz Class and what I have learned so far
A live concert review of the acclaimed Jazz Quartet Empirical.
CD Review of The Fix is in by James Chance and Terminal City
This sample covers the basic details about Jazz, and goes in depth about one of its most well known icons, Miles Davis.
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