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Do you ever wonder how do we feel emotions? Which makes our personality unique. Thanks for Disney Pixar new movie Inside Out, which gives us new perspective and makes us understand how important every single emotions that we have
Success comes from a series of failures. It is our perseverance that lets us see the positive side of failure. We learn from it and become better. - A review of the animated movie "Meet the Robinson's"
I recently watched this animated comedy movie Minions which is a must watch for the kids.
Tales of ninja coitus and samurai bukkake, and varieties of fetishes too numerous and shocking to be named! A guide through the delightfully depraved world of erotic Japanese cartoons.
This article will talk about why do people avoid anime. Many people have done it, and there is a chance you may have denied it, too.
CGI (computer-generated imagery) films, which rely solely on computer graphics, have today become the standard for animated films. Since the release of "Toy Story" in the 1990s many CGI movies have followed, with most Disney films now in CGI. CGI has enhanced animated movies, and ther...
Set some bucks aside, because after reading this list you would want to buy these animated movies! Here is a list of the most popular animated movies of 2014.
Scooby Doo has met the Addams Family! Batman and Robin! Now enter the World Wrestling Federation Superstars!
An Animation movie from Disney- children like this movie very much.
Watch the Minions trailer and cheer your inner child.
A person should be careful with their use of words. They can harm or help the person they love.
This page is about my five of favorite cartoons growing up.
A fairy animation that every child would love to watch and do not want to miss. It's a story of prodigality.
One of the expectations villain comic fans to appear in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man is Kraven The Hunter. The character is described as one of the strongest enemy of Spider-Man.
The lion King,a movie made in late 19s By was actually made for kids but people of all ages love this movie.
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