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his is a book review about a book that i have read and liked.
This is the book review for Axil of of evil by Aline Adams. I found this book to be a good book to read.
This is the 13th installment in Sue Grafton’s alphabet mystery series. I have read several of her books but not in order. This one was one of the best I have read so far. All of Grafton’s alphabet series involve a private investigator named Kinsey Millhone.
The Stranger Beside me is the story of Ted Bundy the serial murderer with the charismatic personality. What makes this book exceptionally good is the fact that Ann Rule, the author knew Ted Bundy personally before any of his heinous crimes were brought out into the open. It delves in...
In a hidden cabin in the Australian countryside, two brothers hide from the deadly Red Queen virus that has spread across the Earth leaving death in its wake. This is not like any other apocalyptic virus story you have read. Red Queen is by Australian writer Honey Brown - this is a re...
A retrospective of the American pulp hero the Shadow, the Master of the Night
This story is about Southern Kentucky, where the rules are sometimes made up on the fly. Mark Casey has been arrested for crimes he did not commit. Now the battle begins between Mark and the good ‘ol boys of Kentucky.
A look at one of America's popular fictional heroes of the 1930's and 1940's. And beyond.
Spontaneous protectiveness and loyalty is one of the most beautiful emotions that a human being can have
My reflections on reading Stieg Larsson's 'Millennium' trilogy
Anti-social, introverted, complex but a tech genius
Latest news happening around the world, weird and serious ones.
Agatha Christie is the most popular mystery writers of all time. Her career spans over half a century. She is known for brilliant deception in her novels which are also full of ingenious puzzles. I recently had the opportunity to re-read Agatha Christie’s; And Then There Were None a...
Dan Brown’s Inferno is the fourth installment starring his most famous creation Robert Langdon.
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