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I always wondered how to read a court transcript. Kristine Johnson wrote, Writing Wrongs, Certified, Volume 1, where it shows how a court proceedings are reported.
Publishers Weekly reviews Transfer Day, the only novel written to commemorate America's purchase of the Danish West Indies during WWI.
On this page will contain a variety of book reviews that I read and reviewed myself. If you are like me then you need that great, at the end of your seat book to read. I love books that are a page turner and keeps me hooked. So, I thought this would be a great page to start with.
Ken Follett is one of the top thriller writers of the present generation. Over a career spanning 3 decades Ken Follett has written some of the best books in the genre of historical fiction. Born in 1949, Ken Follett has sold over 100 million books worldwide
Information about a new must-read thriller called Jailbait written by the talented Barbara Kasey Smith.
The murder of an influential man’s son takes place at the “Magnum Point Lighthouse”. According to the son’s father it would not be a problem. Turns out there was a brutal murder which gets the local News Paper involved? Both TV and Local News Paper reports are involved. Pl...
This is a book review on Janet Evanovich's book Sharp Twelve that I enjoyed reading very much,
A personal opinion piece of the book Private Vegas, released on 26th Jan 2015
A profile of two notorious serial killers who were both hanged for their crimes.
Dan Brown’s best-known novel was founded on a myth, but it was a myth which he appeared to believe to be true despite all the evidence to the contrary.
So what am I gonna write here? The answer is easy. There is a new author here on Wikinut. She just published her first page a few days ago, and here is the review.
Review of a fast-paced detective story set in Cairo - mad, racey and packed with adventure.
This is a book review of a book that i enjoyed. i found it hard to put this book down even for a second.
Paradise Fallen - by Simon Jaysek (2013) – Mystery /Adult Romance Novella - 94 pages Paradise Fallen is an exploration of secrets. The community of Paradise Falls is not unlike any small rural town; however, everyone in town has their own dirty secret to protect. Greg is no differen...
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